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Dec 15: CT State Blitz Championship results

 # Name              ID       Rtng Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6 Rd7 Rd8 Rd9  
 1 William Torres    13105741 2021 W26 D4  L8  W13 D10 W15 W6  W7  W2  7.0 State Champion 
 2 Nelson Castaneda  12564228 2367 W15 W13 W6  L7  W5  W8  W4  D3  L1  6.5  
 3 Matthew Meredith  10031443 2193 L5  W10 W21 W9  L8  W17 W11 D2  W7  6.5  
 4 Kerry J Leahy     10614830 2327 W20 D1  W22 D5  L7  W10 L2  W11 W9  6.0  
 5 Harris B Appelman 12657600 2205 W3  W24 D7  D4  L2  L11 W13 W17 W8  6.0  
 6 Richard Bauer     10583896 2226 W9  W19 L2  W15 W18 L7  L1  W8  W13 6.0  
 7 Edward F McHugh   12363210 2378 W23 W12 D5  W2  W4  W6  L8  L1  L3  5.5  
 8 Dennis Prawira    13735705 2237 W21 L22 W1  W19 W3  L2  W7  L6  L5  5.0  
 9 De La Cruz                 1550 L6  W17 W11 L3  L13 W22 W16 W10 L4  5.0  
10 Ian Lomeli        13702691 2019 D16 L3  W14 W23 D1  L4  W20 L9  W17 5.0  
11 Joseph Hricko     12553334 1933 L12 W16 L9  W24 W19 W5  L3  L4  W15 5.0 Top class A
12 Joseph Bihlmeyer  12686352 2111 W11 L7  L15 W21 L17 L20 W25 W22 W16 5.0  
13 Mark R Bourque    12139250 2063 W14 L2  D23 L1  W9  W18 L5  W15 L6  4.5  
14 Gert Mic Hilhorst 13494233 1932 L13 L15 L10 D16 L25 W24 W26 W23 W21 4.5  
15 Thomas Kenney     15906190 1550 L2  W14 W12 L6  W22 L1  W23 L13 L11 4.0  
16 Marcus J Komons   10031702 1942 D10 L11 L18 D14 W23 W19 L9  W20 L12 4.0  
17 Alexander Ruth    14330955 1767 L19 L9  W25 W26 W12 L3  W18 L5  L10 4.0 shared Top class B
18 Ryan Wantroba     14250580 1498 L24 W20 W16 W22 L6  L13 L17 L21 W25 4.0 Top class C
19 Gaetan Bompastore 12906776 1804 W17 L6  W24 L8  L11 L16 L22 W25 W26 4.0  
20 Manuel G Teixeira 12600748 1705 L4  L18 L26 W25 W24 W12 L10 L16 W22 4.0 shared Top class B 
21 William S Cameron 10036704 1677 L8  W25 L3  L12 D26 L23 W24 W18 L14 3.5  
22 Gary Caruso       10110483 1929 W25 W8  L4  L18 L15 L9  W19 L12 L20 3.0  
23 Robert Cyr        12489098 1673 L7  W26 D13 L10 L16 W21 L15 L14 D24 3.0  
24 Kevin Zimmerman   12799878 1500 W18 L5  L19 L11 L20 L14 L21 W26 D23 2.5  
25 Rufus Abraham     15705164 876  L22 L21 L17 L20 W14 W26 L12 L19 L18 2.0  
26 Luis R Delgado    12543711 1231 L1  L23 W20 L17 D21 L25 L14 L24 L19 1.5 

Dec 12: Greater New Haven Fall Open USCF Report 49 players competed in the 2015 Greater New Haven Fall Open held for the first time at the Foote School in New Haven, CT. After introductory remarks and greeting by USCF Senior TD Jim Celone, the players competed for five rounds in four sections. Yoon-Young Kim (2322) of Hopkins School took clear 1st in the Open section with 3.5 0.5, becoming the 2015 Greater New Haven Open Champion! Jithu Sajeevan (1402) won the U1700 Section, Cole Makham (1160) of Hopkins School placed 1st in the U1200 Section, Christopher Hergott of West Woods School placed 1st the U1000 Section, and Sarvin Bhagwagar (324) of St. Thomas Day School seized 1st Place on tiebreaks with 4.0 wins in a 4-way tie in the U800 Section. Hopkins School took home the team trophy, but 2nd-3rd place teams were tied and was decided by a speed playoff between Foote School and Hartford STEM School. Foote won, taking 2nd place. Next GNHO Winter Open scheduled for Sat Feb 6.

Foote School (left) vs Hartford STEM playoff for 2nd Place Team.

Nov 15: Greater Hartford Scholastic Championship USCF Report 44 players competed in the 2015 Greater Hartford Regional K-12 Scholastic held at the Whiting Lane School in West Hartford, CT. After introductory remarks and greeting by West Hartford mayor Scott Slifka, the players competed for five rounds in three sections. Kailash Kalyanasundaram of Farmington HS took clear 1st in the Grades 9-12 Open section with 4.5 0.5, while fellow Farmington HS student, Dmitri Efimov, took 2nd with 4.0 1.0. In the 9-12 U-1100 section Evan Wood of West Hartford, CT took 1st with 3.0 2.0, while Sean Henderson of Simsbury, CT copped 2nd on tiebreaks over Sanjeev Ashokkumar, 3rd, both with 2.0 3.0. Farmington High School took home the team trophy for the combined grades 9 12 and U-1100 sections. Ruthvik Ayyagari of Rocky Hill, CT scored 4.0 1.0 to seize clear 1st in the Grades 6 8 Open section. Manav Ramprasad of Tolland, CT and the UCONN Chess Club, took clear second with 3.5 - 1.5, while Aaron Corcino managed 3rd on tie breaks with 3.0 2.0. Wesley Legere of Burlington, CT won 1st place in the Grades 6 8 U-800 section with 1.0 4.0. The Rocky Hill Magnet Middle School took the team trophy in the combined Grades 6 8 and U-800 sections. Adeethia Shankar of Newtown, CT scored 4.0 1.0 to take clear 1st in the K-5 Open section. He was followed by Sam Lumelsky of West Hartford and Bugbee, 2nd, with 3.0 2.0 and Ethan Striff-Cave, of West Hartford and Bugbee 3rd, at 2.5 2.5. In the K 5 U-500 Bahjan Deshpande of West Hartford and Bugbee took clear 1st with a perfect 5.0 0.0 ! Lucas Kollen of West Hartford and Bugbee took 2nd on tie break with a fine 4.0 1.0 score over Jonah Levithan of West Hartford and Norfeldt also with 4.0 1.0. Bugbee Elementary of West Hartford took home the team trophy for the combined Grades K 5 Open and U-500 sections.

Apr 26: 2015 CT State K-1, K-6Scholastic Championships USCF Report

Apr 25: 2015 CT State K-8, K-12 Middle School & High School Championships USCF Report

Mar 08: 2015 CT State Championships USCF Report

 NM Ian Harris 1st Place Trophy : $300
 NM Derek Meredith 2nd Place Trophy
 NM James Nitz 3rd PlaceTrophy

 THOMAS EWALD 1st Place Trophy: $50
 BRYAN A WEISZ 2nd Place Trophy: $50
 ALEXANDER RUTH Class B Trophy: $50
 RUTHVIK AYYAGARI Class C Trophy: $50
 MATT BIANCUZZO  Upset1 Class D Trophy:  $50
 BRUNO BAUER $16.66 
 DICHENG WU $16.66 

Feb 07: 2015 CT G30 Quick State Championships USCF Report