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Next CSCA Meeting: Sun Oct 1, 1:00 at WHPD. All Directors should RSVP. Agenda to follow
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List of classic and famous games

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Wei_Yi-Bruzon_2015“2015.07.03”“6th Hainan Danzhou GM”, “Danzhou, China”
Wei-Bruzon2015.07.036th Hainan Danzhou GM, Danzhou CHN
Kasparov-Topalov1999Hoogovens Group A, Wijk aan Zee
The_Immortal_Mr._Magoo1994.05.09 Atlanta Action Tournament - The Immortal Mr. Magoo , Atlanta, Georgia
Fisher_vs_Fine_19631963.03.??New York (USA), New York (USA)
Game_of_the_Century21956.10.17Rosenwald Memorial Tournament, New York, New York USA
Game_of_the_Century1956.10.17US Championship, New York, USA
Capablanca-Marshall_19181918.10.??ch Manhattan CC, New York
Lasker-Thomas_19121912.10.295 Minute Pub Game - Fatal Attraction, London, ENG
Levitsky-Marshall_19121912.07.25 DSB Kongress XVIII , Breslau, DEU
Anderssen-Kieseritzky_1851_Immortal_Game1851.??.??London 'Immortal game', London