Dennis Prawira wins the CSCA 203 Blitz Championship
In the strongest Blitz Championship in recent history, Dennis Prawira (Quick 2121) bested a field containing 6 Masters to become the 2013 CT State Blitz Champion. Nelson Castaneda and Ted McHugh tied for 2nd place with 7 pts. First in Class A was Marcus Komons with 6 pts. Tying for 1st in Class B was Joseph Mansigian and Manuel Teixeira. Thanks to NBCC for running a great event!
January 9, 2014
Kapil Chandran Wins Denker Tournament!!!
Kapil Chandran, 2349, winner of the 2013 CT High School Championship, bested a field of 48 state champions to become co-champion of the 2013 Denker Tournament of High School Champions, along with Safal Bora and Michael Brown with 5 points; and Kapil won the Univ of Texas scholarship based on tie-breaks. This is the best performance a CT representative has ever had at the Denker! Congratulations Kapil! You've made us all very proud!
September 8, 2013
Master Ian Harris Crowned 2013 CT State Champion!
Master Ian Harris going undefeated, bested a field of 14 which included an International Master and 2 Masters to become the 2013 CT State Champion. Amity High School crowned CT High School Champions! Full Results at or
March 17, 2013
Master Gary Shure Crowned 2012 CT Open State Champion!
Master Gary Shure going undefeated, bested a field of 22 which included 2 International Masters and 4 Masters to become the 2013 CT State Champion. Hopkins School retains title for CT High School Champions.
March 14, 2013
Master Harris Appelman Crowned 2011 CT Blitz Champion
On December 14 at the New Britain Chess Club, Harris Appelman won the 2011 Connecticut State Blitz Championship with a score of 8.5 - 0.5. 21 players competed in this year's event. Ted McHugh was second and Danny Rozovsky was third. There was a 5-way tie for the Under 1900 prize among Marcus Komons, Norman Burtness, Jozef Madej, Bob Kozlowski and Matt Faille.
December 16, 2011
GM Mikheil Kekelidze Wins 2011 Fall GNHO!
GM Mikheil Kekelidze (NY 2524), took first place in the 2011 Greater New Haven Open Chess Championship held Saturday Nov 12 at Hopkins School in New Haven. In a tight contest with 20 players, Master Derek Meredith (2184) had a great showing, taking second with 3 wins on tiebreaks, ahead of IM Justin Sarkar (NY 2489), last year's winner Yale math grad student IM Bogdan Vioreanu (2453) and Yale Chess Club president David Steinberg (1864). First Place U1600 went to Daniel Motoc (1313) of Ezra Academy; First Place U1200 was Daniel Frndjibachian (1079) of Hopkins with a perfect 5-0; First Place U1000 went to Jordon Groff (783) of Bear Path School, and First Place U800 went to Hawon Lee (698) of Eastern Middle School with a perfect 5-0. Top 3 school teams were Hopkins School (1st), Foote School (2nd) and Cold Spring School (3rd). 86 chessplayers participated in the event, with all scholastic chessplayers receiving a Hopkins School commemorative chess set. Check Full Results under Results Section of this website or see
November 19, 2011
Yale Beats Harvard !
Nov 18 - The Yale/Harvard Chess Match closed tonight with Yale winning a close victory with 2 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss. GM Robert Hess (2717, ES '15) and IM Bogdan Vioreanu (2453, GSAS '12) handily won on boards 1 and 2 versus Jake Miller (2121) and Bram Louis (2208P). Patrick O'Keefe (2140, CC '13) and Adam Weser (2147, SY '13) secured draws against Josh Bakker (2151) and Naor Brown (2023) in tough games. Gordon Moseley (1840, SM '12), the wildcard of the Yale College Chess Club, who brought wins to Yale in years when no one else could do so, lost in a tragic and unclear endgame (KQN a-pawn, c-pawn vs. KQ a-pawn, g-pawn, h-pawn) after his knight proved unable to stop the passed g and h pawns after a queen trade. Both players had under one minute, and both played well--kudos to Tony Blum (2099), the only Harvard player to secure a win. Both Bogdan and Gordon also get honorable mentions, as this is their last year playing at Yale. Both of them have played hard matches the last four years, and both leave with great results--3/4 for Bogdan and 2/4 for Gordon. Bogdan plans to graduate with a PhD from the applied math department and Gordon with a bachelor's degree in the neuroscience track of psychology. Good luck gentlemen. Stay Hungry!
November 19, 2011
NBCC wins against UCONN CC
The New Britain Chess Club defeated the UCONN CC Tuesday night, October 25th, by a score of 8 - 7. The match hung in the balance until the very last game between Tom Hartmayer and Dennis Himes, ( whose son, George, played for UCONN ). Trailing New Britain by a point and needing a win in the last game to draw the match, Mr. Hartmayer missed a winning shot in the waning minutes, allowing Mr. Himes to draw by perpetual check and secure the match win for New Britain. The match involved a total of 30 players, 15 from each club, and featured exciting games from top to bottom. For those who have not yet visited the NBCC at their quarters at the Assyrian Club in New Briatin, the venue is immaculate, well lit and well worth the trip, ( ). Parking is easy. The excellence of the site parallels the hospitable bonhomie exuded from the club members and especially their gracious, spiritual leader, Derek Meredith. Detailed and individual results mat be viewed at,com_wrapper/Itemid,181/ . After clicking on "Players' Rating Look Up" and then typing A6009507 in the search bar. Go to "Tournament History" and it will be on top.
October 27, 2011
Strongest Field Ever at 2011 CT Open State Championship!
In the strongest CT Open field in the state's history, 25 players including 5 GMs, 2 IMs, 2 Life Masters, and 4 National Masters battled this past weekend at Hopkins School in New Haven for the CT State Champion title. The winners were GM GIORGI KACHEISHVILI of NY, who took sole possession of 1st Place, and IM BOGDAN VIOREANU, Yale graduate student in Mathematics who as top CT resident, became the new 2011 CT State Champion! In a field of 16, Arslan Otchiyev won the U1600 Section. Congratulations to all participants in what proved to be an exciting day of chess in CT. For Results: or Results page at this website
May 16, 2011
Ted McHugh Crowned 2010 CT Blitz Champion!
Tuesday, December 21, the New Britain Chess Club held the 2010 Connecticut State Open Blitz Chess Championship. The format of the event was a single-section, ten Round Robin with a time control of 5, 3. Results follow: 1st Place – USCF NM Edward “Ted” McHugh – 9 points 2nd Place – FM Nelson Castaneda - 8.5 points 3rd Place – NM Alex Fikiet - 7.5 points Top U2005 – Ilya Gofman – 6.5 points Top U1805 – Julio Echevarria – 6 points Top U1605 – Bob Kozlowski – 4 points 35 chessplayer participated in the event. Congratulations to Ted, once again the CT Blitz Champion!
January 3, 2011
IM Bogdan Vioreanu Wins 2010 Greater New Haven Open
IM Bogdan Vioreanu, (2494) took first place, the 2010 Greater New Haven Open Chess Championship held Saturday Dec. 4 at Hopkins School in New Haven. IM Vioreanu, a graduate student in mathematics at Yale University, took top honors in a very strong field of 20 players, 7 of whom were above 2000 strength. First Place U1600 went to Peter DeGroot (1289) of Hopkins; First Place U1200 was shared by Alexander Siegenfeld (Unr) of Hopkins, and Christopher Lomeli (1194) of Gideon Welles School; First Place U1000 went to Mike Javier (Unr) from the Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science, and First Place U800 went to Franz Garay (Unr), also from the Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science. Top 3 school teams were Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science (1st), Hopkins School (2nd) and Foote School (3rd). 68 chessplayers participated in the event, with all chessplayers receiving a Hopkins School commemorative chess set. Check Full Results under Results Section of this website or see
December 7, 2010
FM Nelson Castaneda is 2010 CT State Champion!
GM Alexander Ivanov of Newton , MA swept past a strong field (average USCF rating 2071!) to win the Open section of the 2010 UCONN Connecticut State Championships, held during the 19th and 20th days of June. With his perfect score of 4.0-0.0, Ivanov took clear first and with it the $700 prize. However, since Grandmaster Ivanov lives in Massachusetts, he did not receive the title of Connecticut State Champion. That distinction went to FM Nelson Castaneda of West Hartford, CT, who tied for 2nd-4th with Sivasankar Balakumar of East Hartford, CT and NM Max Enkin of Peabody, MA with 3.0-1.0. He received the title of State Champion based on his superior tie-breaks. All three players won $333.33. The U2200 prize also went to Sivasankar Balakumar and the U2000 prize went to Mark Bourque of Stafford Springs, CT, who won $200 for his 2.5 points scored. The winner of the U1800 section and $250 was 8th grader Noah Arthurs of Weston, CT, who defeated Max Krall of West Hartford, CT in the last round for a perfect 4.0-0.0 score. Tied for 2nd-3rd and splitting $100 were Max Krall and David Gaston of South Windsor, CT, who both scored 3.0-1.0. Tied for 1st-2nd for the U1600 prize and sharing $250 were Eric Nechayev of Winsted, CT and Kevin Zimmerman of East Hartford, CT. The UCONN Chess Club would also like to recognize and thank TD Tim Hartley of Storrs, who ran this event in a very efficient and professional manner assisted by the ever ubiquitous and effervescent John Fikiet ! Congratulations to all the players and thanks for coming to this event!
September 18, 2010
Michael Finneran and Alexandra Wiener are 2010 CT High School Champions!
Michael Finneran, a sophomore at Roger Ludlow HS in Fairfield, CT scored a perfect 4.0 - 0.0 to take clear 1st in the Connecticut State Chess Association K-12 Open Championship and UCONN School of Engineering $14,000 Scholarship Tournament. Mr. Finneran won the 2009 K - 12 State Championship and the Denker Award as well as the top UCONN SoE scholarship prize of $8000 last year. He was not eligible to win another scholarship again but still returned successfully to the winner's circle in 2010. He will again represent the state of Connecticut in the Denker Tournament of High School Champions in Indianapolis, IN in August. The Denker Award comes with a $300 stipend to help defray expenses to this national event. Finishing 2nd at 3.5 - 0.5 after a mutually agreed upon blitz play-off against Jake Miller was Alex Fikiet, a sophomore at E. O. Smith HS. in Storrs, CT. Mr. Fikiet also took home the top UCONN SoE scholarship prize worth $8000. Jake Miller from Sleepy Hollow, NY, and a junior at Rockland Country Day School in Congers, NY took 3rd overall but earned the 2nd place UCONN SoE scholarship worth $4000. Alexandra Wiener, a sophomore at Staples HS in Westport, CT took 4th place overall also at 3.0 - 1.0. Ms. Wiener also finished as the top female scorer and won both the 2010 National Girls Open Award, ( formerly known as the Polgar Award ), and its $300 stipend, as well as the 3rd place UCONN SoE scholarship award worth $2000. Danny Pascetta, a 5th grader at Nayaug Elementary School, ( !!?? ), and a veteran New Britain CC member finished 5th overall. In the team division West Haven HS of West Haven, CT returned to the top spot after ceding it to Southington HS last year. West Haven was led by Danyal Sumra, Eddie Ozanne,Jeremy Turpin and Jeff McDonald. These fine stalwarts were supported by Cheetiri Smith, Jakes Adei, Brendan Morr, Zandy and Tony Nugyen and Rashid Ramadan. Taking 2nd in the team competition was Roosevelt Middle School, ( !!?? ), of Bridgeport, CT. Team members included Alfonzo Reid, Joseph Pettway, Danisha Thomas and Angel Rosado. Finishing 3rd was Amity HS of Woodbridge, CT whose 2, ( !!?? ), high scoring members, Avery Chen and Ryan Young, propelled Amity to the third position in the team division. Jeff McDonald of West Haven HS took the Top Upset prize, while Danyal Sumra also of West Haven HS took the 2nd Upset Prize. Matthew Stoddard of Smith Elementary in South Windsor, CT took 3rd Upset, while Jake Miller of Rockland Country Day School in Congers, NY and Ryan Young of Amity HS in Woodbridge, CT took the 4th and 5th Upset prizes respectively. We'd like to thank Chief TD David Aldi for another well run event ! He was ably supported by assistant TD's Jim Dunion, IM Jan van de Mortel, IM Robert Hungaski and John Fikiet, all from the UCONN CC..
September 18, 2010
Nathional Master Harris Appleman Crowned CT Blitz Champion
On Dec 22, the New Britain Chess Club once again hosted the CT State Blitz Championship. An impressive forty (40) players participated in the event and, after five hours of very spirited and lively competition, returning NBCC member and United States Chess Federation National Master Harris Appelman (better known to many as “Appel”) was crowned the 2009 CT Blitz Chess Champion. Congratulations, Harris!
December 24, 2009
GM Gildardo Garcia takes 1st, but GM Sergey Kudrin Successfully Defends CT State Championship Title
Storrs -- The CT State Championships was held at UCONN for the first time this year, and GM Kudrin retains his Title as CT State Champion. GM Gacia won the event, but is not a CT state resident. UCONN School of Engineering awarded $14,000 in Scholarships for the K-12 Section. Results are below: 2009 CT State Open Championship: 1st - GM Gildardo Garcia, 3.5 - 0.5, $700 2nd- 3rd: GM Sergei Kudrin, GM Alexander Ivanov, Dan Rozovsky, 3.0 - 1.0, $333 each. Top U-2000: Gary Cote, 2.0 - 2.0, $200. Reserve U-1800: 1st - Mike Pascetta, 4.0 - 0.0, $250. 2nd - Charles Daly, 2.5 - 1.5, $100 Top U-1600: Kevin Zimmerman, 3.0 - 1.0, $150 2nd: Mike Elwell, 2.0 - 2.0, $100 25 players total. 2009 K-12 CT State Open Championship: 1st: Michael Finnneran, $8,000 UCONN Scholarship, Denker Award $300+ 2nd: Harry Wheeler, $4000 UCONN Scholarship 3rd: Tony Blum, $2,000 Scholarship 4th: Haotian Zheng 5th: James Nitz 1st Team: Southington HS 2nd Team: West Haven HS 3rd Team: Hopkins School 39 players total. 2009 K-8 CT State Open Championship: 1st: Lihkit Ganedi 2nd: Ryan Young 3rd: Ryan Zentner 4th: Adam Piche 5th: Tyler Leite 1st Team: Pierrepont School 2nd Team Harborside 3rd Team: Woodstock 26 players total. 90 players in all 3 events combined.
September 19, 2009
CT Blitz Champion Ted McHugh to Defend State Title
September 19, 2009
Hanon Russell Wins US Amateur East
Hanon Russell won the U.S. Amateur (East) in New Jersey over Memorial Day Weekend, 5-1 (+4, =2, -0) one-half point ahead of the field. Congratulations Hanon on a great tournament!
June 28, 2008
New Haven Chess Fest a Success!
On Sunday June 22, The New Haven Festival of Arts and Ideas featured the New Haven Chess Fest on the Green in New Haven. Over 100 chess players from across the state and region participated in the day-long event featuring speed chess, pick-up games, chess instruction, free prizes, T-shirts and more! The weather was great, music and social atmosphere made this a memorable occassion. Unfortunately with only 48 hrs advance notice, there wasn't enough time to get the word out, but thanks to Susan Polgar who featured the event on her chess blog, turnout was better than expected and it looks like this will be an annual event sponsored by Edutech, USCF Sales and the CSCA. Thanks to everyone who helped make this first New Haven Chess Fest a success!
June 28, 2008
GM Sergey Kudrin Retains Title as CT State Champion!
Highlights of the 2008 CT State Chess Championship, Mar 8 & 9 at Yale Univ:
GM Sergey Kudrin Retains his title as CT State Champion!

David Bedoukian becomes U1800 State Champion.
Harry Wheeler wins the CT High School State Championship and will represent CT at the Denker Tournament of High School Champions!
Alexandra Wiener will represent CT at the Polgar National Tournament for Girls!
West Haven High School wins 11th State Team Championship (10 Consecutive Titles)!
Michael Finneran wins CT Middle School State Championship!
Amity Junior High School is top Middle school team.
Ethan Segall K-6 State Champion, Jonathan Baccay K-3 State Champion.
Thomas Knoff 1st Grade State Champion, Julian Wang Kindergarten State Champion.
For full results, see RESULTS Section of this website.
March 18, 2008
GM Kudrin Wins 2008 GNHO
GM Sergey Kudrin (2598) and Master Ernest Colding won all four games in the Open Section at the Greater New Haven Winter Open, with GM Kudrin taking first on tiebreaks. 130 chessplayers participated in the event held Saturday, Feb. 2. First Place U1600 went to Richard Chang(1515), First Place U1200 went to Roy Beavers(1199), First Place U1000 went to Davon Chen (980) and First Place U800 went to Daniel Shavnya(777). Top 3 school teams were Flanders (1st), Micro Society (2nd) and Peck Place (3rd). Check Full Results under Results Section of this website or see
February 3, 2008
James Nitz Wins 2007 CT Blitz Championship
23 players participated in the 2007 Connecticut State Open Blitz Championship held on Saturday, December 15 at the Church of Christ in Manchester. The event was directed by Robert Kozlowski. Robert was assisted by tournament directors Richard Chang and Marcus Komons. There were two sections, an OPEN and an U1600, in this 10 double round Swiss System tournament. After over six hours of competition, and plenty of Pepe's Pizza, James Nitz of Plantsville won the 2007 State Blitz Championship title in a tie-break match(best two out of three blitz games) against Dennis Prawira of Oakville. Winning the U1600 section, holding a commanding lead throughout the tournament, was Julio Echevarria of Hartford. Congratulations to James, Dennis and Julio for there fine efforts, and best of luck to them at the 2008 CT Championships, Mar 8 & 9, at Yale University!
December 18, 2007
Yale ties Harvard 2.5-2.5
The Yale and Harvard chess teams reignited their rivalry with their latest duel ending in a 2.5-2.5 tie. Yale hosted the Crimson to a 5-board, G/60 match on Friday the 16th, the evening before ‘The Game’ between the schools’ football teams. The Yale team, comprised of Sophomore Kurt Schneider, Junior Pasha Kamyshev, and Seniors David Lyons, Sam Kahn and Dave Wang, battled a younger but higher rated Harvard squad. Yale Captain Dave Wang pulled out a draw from a rook and pawn endgame on the top board to secure the result. Boards 2 and 3 also drew, while white won on boards 4 and 5 for Yale and Harvard respectively. The match marked the fourth time the two teams have played going back to last year’s Game match-up, which Harvard narrowly won 3-2. Yale struck back, however, beating Harvard in January en route to capturing the Ivy championship title. The teams may face-off again in December at the Pan-American Intercollegiate Championships, where the teams drew a closely fought match last year. Yale will host the 2008 CT State Championships at Payne Whitney Gym. For the first time, Top CT College Champion Individual and Team trophies will be awarded.
November 24, 2007
Jason Xu Wins UCONN $14,000 Scholarship Tournament
Jason Xu of Essex Jct., VT took 1st place and the $2000 4 year renewable scholarship in the 2nd edition of the UCONN School of Engineering $14,000 Scholarship Tournament October 27th-28th, 2007. Mr. Xu accomplished this feat despite being involved in a minor car accident on the way to the tournament and being forced to take a 1/2 point bye for the 1st round. He then reeled off 4 consecutive wins, including hard fought games against the second and third place finishers. 2nd place finisher Haotian Zheng of Newtown, CT scored 4 -1 to take the $1000 4 year renewable scholarship, while Johnson Pau of Tenafly, NJ scored 3.5 - 1.5 to take 3rd and the $500 4 year renewable scholarship.The other top finishers were Kostyantyn Mazur of Teaneck, NJ 4th, Treva Ayton of New Rochelle, NY 5th, and Bob Scalise of New Britain, CT 6th. In the Middle School Open Alex "Buzz Saw" Fikiet of Storrs, CT zipped through the field with a perfect 5 - 0 score. Finishing close behind in 2nd overall and Top 7th Grade was Leonid Stolov of New Haven, while Ryan Zentner took 3rd overall and Top 6th Grade. Zach Rankin and Daniel Parsons took 2nd 6th and 7th Grade honors respectively. Results may be viewed at: The UCONN SOE would like to thank everyone involved for their support and cooperation in running this event.
November 11, 2007
GM Kudrin and FM Curdo Tie in UCONN September Grand Prix
GM Sergei Kudrin and FM John Curdo both scored 3 - 0 to share 1st - 2nd and $550 to take top honors in the UCONN September Grand Prix on September 30th. Doug Fiske and Alex Fikiet each scored 1.5 -1.5 to split Top U - 2000 and $40. Mike Pascetta and Kevin Berry also scored 1.5 - 1.5 to take Top U - 1800 and Top - 1600 honors respectively and $40 each. Tim Grover, making a valiant effort, took the Top U - 1400 prize and $40. In the UCONN SOE September Scholastic on the same day Dave Gaston took 1st while Daniel Torrey and Mike Casey took 2nd and 3rd respectively in the high school section. Daniel Pascetta scored a perfect 5 - 0 to take 1st in the K - 8 section. Zach Rankin followed close behind at 4 - 1 to take 2nd.
November 6, 2007
GM Ildar Ibragimov Wins 2007 Greater New Haven Fall Open
GM Ildar Ibragimov (2672) bested a record turnout of chess players to take clear first at the Greater New Haven Fall Open. 150 chessplayers participated in the event held Saturday, Nov. 3. First Place U1600 went to Mike Mauriello(1475), First Place U1200 went to Roy Beavers(1153), First Place U1000 went to Davon Chen (868) and First Place U800 went to Andrew Su (723). CBS News sent a film crew to cover the event, which will be broadcast nationally on their news show 48 Hours. Don't miss it! Check Full Results under Results Section of this website or see
November 4, 2007
Nelson Castaneda Wins 1st NBCC Arkadijs Strazdins Cup
The 1st Arkadijs Strazdins Cup chess tournament ended last Tuesday, May 29 at the New Britain Chess Club. The winner of the tournament was FIDE Master Nelson Castaneda. At the club next Tuesday June 5, Marcus and I will present Nelson with the “Strazdins Cup”, a 2 foot high, beautifully engraved trophy!! Nelson won four of his games and drew against FIDE Master Richard Bauer in the final round. As champion, Nelson will also be awarded $100. Tying for share of second place are the following players: Martin Garcia Richard Bauer Daniel Rozovsky Martin, Richard, and Daniel earned 4 points and will each receive $60. The TOP U1700 prize goes to Michael Pascetta and Jozef Madej, each scoring 2.5 points. They each will receive $8.75. The TOP U1400 prize goes to Roy Beavers and Michael Cebrik, each scoring 2 points. They each will receive $17.50. The biggest upset in the tournament was Roy Beavers victory over Andy Strazdins in Round 3, a 342 point rating difference!! Roy will receive $15 for this biggest upset.
June 2, 2007
Mike Smith Wins 2007 UCONN Championship
Mike Smith of Preston, CT has won the 2007 UCONN CC Championship Grand Prix, scoring 3.5 - 0.5. Mr. Smith was tied for the lead with Ayman Karsou of Groton at 2.5 - 0.5 heading into the last round. Unfortunately for Mr. Karsou, he ran into Charles Daly, who held him to a well played draw and second place. Mr. Smith received $200 for his fine performance and first place finish, while Mr. Karsou took clear second and $100. Mr. Daly with 2.5 - 0.5 took Top U -1800 honors and $35. Top U - 1600, Top U - 1400 and $35 each were garnered by Ken Montenegro, 2.0 - 2.0, and Roland Rossano, 1.0 - 3.0 respectively.
Derek Meredith won the UCONN March Blitz Tournament at the UCONN CC Open House March 15th. Mr. Meredith scored 15 - 5 to secure 1st place. Close behind at 14.5 - 5.5 was the veteran Mark Bourque and at 14 - 6 was Yogesh Raghunathan.

Other upcoming events:
  • Scotignello Memorial, starts June 7th
  • UCONN Summer Grand Prix starts July 12th
  • UCONN August Scholastic Open August 19th
  • UCONN Grand Prix Swiss August 19th
  • UCONN September Scholastic Open September 30th
  • UCONN Grand Prix Swiss September 30th
  • UCONN SOE $14,000 Scholarship Tournament October 27 - 28
    For more details on these events go to CT Events
  • April 18, 2007
    GM Sergey Kudrin 2007 CT State Champion!
    The 2007 CT Chess Championships was a success for the CSCA, and for CT Chess!
    GM Susan Polgar featured us on her blog. Susan Polgar Blog Channel 8 Action News, the New Haven Register, the Yale Daily News, the Yale Bulletin & Calendar, and the Yale Alumni Magazine gave us coverage. Photos of scholastic chess players are available online.
    600 people were in attendance. Everyone has a great time! Businesses on Broadway and the Mariott Hotel were pleased with our guest's patronage.
    Letters from the Mayor of New Haven, the President of Yale, and the CT Governor were very supportive of our mission to "Promote Chess in CT."
    Participants received a commemorative Yale Chess Set, a T-Shirt, a Program, and chess medal. Yale was extremely pleased with our organization and purpose and is looking forward to hosting the tournament again next year.

    Highlights from 2007 CT Chess Championships:
  • GM Sergey Kudrin is 2007 CT State Champion
  • West Haven High School Wins 10th State Championship Team Title!
  • Michael-David Mangini from Hopkins School is CT Representative to Denker National Tournament of High School Champions
  • Catalina Estrada from Central High School in Bridgeport is CT Representative to Polgar National Tournament for Girls

    For full results, photo, and selected games, see Results Section of this website.
  • April 17, 2007
    M. Derek Meredith Wins 2006 Greater New Haven Fall Open
    M. Derek Meredith (2080) bested a field of 28, including a win against GM Kudrin, to take clear first at the Greater New Haven Fall Open. 103 chessplayers participated in the event held Saturday, Nov. 4. First Place U1600 went to Ethan Segall (1449), First Place U1200 went to Tyler Durkee (1081), First Place U1000 went to Danny Chen (864) and First Place U800 went to Alexander Buhimschi (UNR). Check Full Results under Results Section of this website or see
    November 5, 2006
    New Chess Club websites
    The New Britain Chess Club has a new website: The club meets every Tuesday from 6:30 P.M. until midnight. Most events start at 7:00 P.M. The only exception would be round 1 of any tournament, in which the start time is generally 7:30 P.M. to allow for first round pairings. Check out the the new and much improved site which Brian Kosnoff has spent days of his time creating. Also, a new club has been started by Richard Chang in South Windsor. The South Windsor Chess Club can be found at See other Locations at this website for more places to play.
    October 16, 2006
    Townsend Cup Results
    Max Enkin (MA - 2252) and Alisa Melekhina (PA - 2104) drew their third round game, and tied for first place in the 27th Townsend Cup tournament with scores of 3.5-0.5. Tournament Director Fred Townsend finished third with a score of 2.5-0.5. Arthur Nagel had the dubious honor of playing all four games into the second time control, and played 20 hours of chess in four rounds. The second Townsend Cup will be retired when one player has three clear wins. No player has won two tournaments outright yet for the second Townsend Cup. Rick Bauer (CT) retired the first Townsend Cup. The 28th Townsend Cup is tentatively scheduled for June 23-24, 2007.
    October 7, 2006
    James Nitz wins $2000 UCONN Scholarship Tournament
    James Nitz of Rocky Hill, CT took 1st & the $2000 renewable 4 yr. scholarship on TB's at 4 - 1 at the UCONN School of Engineering Scholarship Tournament; 2nd at 4 - 1 and taking the $1000 renewable 4 yr. scholarship was Haizhou Xu of Essex Junction, VT; 3rd at 3 - 2 and taking the $500 renewable 4 yr. scholarship was Haotian Zheng of Newtown, CT. 4th - 6th were, respectively, Alex Fikiet of Storrs, CT, Willam Turpin of West Haven, CT & Matthew Masino of Wantagh, NY.
    September 25, 2006
    GM Sergey Kudrin Wins 2006 CT Open Championship
    Grandmaster Sergey Kudrin is the 2006 CT State Champion, successfully defending his title against a field of 21 competitors in the Open Section at this year's CT State Championships, held at Peck Place School in Orange, CT. Alan Lasser and M. Derek Meredith tied for 2nd place with 3.5 wins each. The Top U2000 prize went to Jeff Lawerence, and the Top U1800 prize went to Avery Chen. In the Amateur Sections, the U1600 Champion is Vincent Marsden from Ledyard Middle School, and the U1200 Champion is Christopher Sherry, from West Haven High School. In the Novice Sections, the U1000 Champion is Jehanzeb Kayani from Peck Place School, and the U800/Unrated Champion is Nolan Smyth who is home schooled. Team Prizes went to 1. Flanders Elementary School, 2. Foote School, 3.Peck Place School. Check the Results Section of this website for Full Results.
    May 12, 2006
    2006 Scholastic State Championships - Results
    Elementary Reserve Team Championships
    1st and state champions Parkway School
    2nd Riverfield Elementary School, Fairfield CT
    3rd Greenwich Country Day School

    Elementary Reserve Individual Results
    1st Hank Cohen, Rye Neck NY
    2nd Henry Kalb, Greenwich, CT
    3rd Danny Chen, Woodbridge, CT
    4th Douglas Wrotnowski, Greenwich, CT
    5th Anne Donnelly, Fairfield, CT

    Elementary K-5 Team Championships
    1st Rippowan Cisque School, Bedford NY
    2nd and state Co-champions, Greenwich Country Day School, Greenwich, CT
    3rd and state Co-champions, Riverfield Elementary School, Fairfield, CT
    4th Parkway Elementary School, Greenwich, CT
    5th Cider Mill Elementary School, Wilton, CT

    Elementary K-5 Individual Results
    1st Likhit Ganedi, Branford, CT and 4th grade state champion
    2nd Ethan Segall, Wilton, CT
    3rd Leonardo Filgueiras, Stamford, CT
    4th Max Barg, Bedford, NY
    5th Dinkar Ahuja, East Lyme, CT

    Elementay K-6 Team Championships
    1st place and state champions, Greenwich Country Day School, Greenwich, CT
    2nd East Ridge Middle School, Ridgefield, CT
    3rd Peck Place Elementary School, Orange, CT
    4th Riverfield Elementary School, Fairfield, CT
    5th Cold Spring Elementary School, Hamden, CT

    Elementary K-6 Individual Results
    1st place and 6th grade state champion, Robert Denunzio, Greenwich, CT
    2nd William Gregory, Madison, CT
    3rd-4th Clark Courtenay, Greenwich, CT
    3-4 Chad Wilson, Greenwich, CT
    5 Alexandra Wiener, Westport, CT
    April 2, 2006
    Christian Antonio Wins High School Championship
    The 2006 CT High School/Middle School Chess Championships took place this past weekend at Peck Place Elementary School in Orange, CT. Turnout was 75 chess players. West Haven High School won their 9th state championship. Peck Place School won the Middle School team championship. 2006 High School State Champion and Denker representative is Christian Antonio, a junior from West Haven High School. 2006 Middle School Champion is William Gregory from The Country School in Madison, CT. 2006 Polgar representative is once again Alexandra Wiener, from Bedford Middle School. Congratulations to all our state champions! For full results, check wallcharts under RESULTS section of this website.
    March 6, 2006
    Record Turnout at Greater New Haven Winter Open
    On Sunday, 160 chess players from 40 schools in CT, MA, NY, and RI competed in the 2006 Greater New Haven Winter Open Chess Tournament at Peck Place School in Orange. In the U800/Unrated Section, Rashmi Pashankar from Bethany Community School took 5th place, Pinny Elbaum from Hebrew Day Academy took 4th place, Wilberto Vega from Amistad Academy to 3rd place, Lukas Tolar from Flanders School took 2nd place, and Matthew Schatz from Peck Place School took 1st place. In the U1000 Section, Freeman Demirjian from Peck Place School took 5th place, Jehanzeb Kayani from Peck Place School to 4th place, Benjamin Della Rocca from Cold Spring School to 3rd place, Benjamin Shao from Mary T Murphy School to 2nd place, and Daniel McCabe from Peck Place School took 1st place. In the U1200 Section, Kapil Chandran from Miller School took 5th place, Rodrigo Sapriza from Calf Pen School to 4th place, Ron Scherban took 3rd place, Ryan O'Connor from West Haven High School took 2nd place, and David Portnoy from Amity High School took 1st place. In the U1600 Section, Matt Warnecke from Shaker High School took 5th place, Michael-David Mangini from Scotts-Ridge Middle School took 4th place, William Turpin from West Haven High School took 3rd place, Ethan Segall from Cider Mill School took 2nd place, and Alexander Fikiet from Mansfield Middle School took 1st place. In the Open Section, Stuart Finney took 5th place, Ryan Goldenberg from West Haven High School took 4th place, David Lyons took 3rd place, FIDE Master Akira Watanabe took 2nd place, and Grandmaster Sergey Kudrin took first place. School Team prizes went to Amistad Academy for 3rd place, Flanders School for 2nd place, and Peck Place School took 1st place. The next chess tournament held at Peck Place School will be the CT High School/Middle School State Championships scheduled for March 5.
    March 6, 2006
    Yale Defeats Harvard
    The Elis scored a 3-2 victory over arch-rival Harvard Saturday Nov 19 at home. David Wang (2376), Matthew Traldi (2263), Pavel Kamyshev (UNR), Scott Caplan (1941), and David Lyons (1921) played for Yale. Games can be found at Yale will be heading for the Pan American college tournament Dec 27-30 at Miami Dade College in Florida. Best of luck to some very strong Elis!
    November 22, 2005
    Chessmaster Oliver Chernin to represent CT in the Online Tournament of State Champions
    50 State Champions, 1 U.S. Championship Qualifier The America' Foundation for Chess and the Internet Chess Club are pleased to announce the running of the second State ‘Champion of Champions’ event, the winner of which will win through to a guaranteed spot in the 64-player field battling it out for the $250,000 U.S. Chess Championship to be held next March at the NTC Promenade in San Diego. Oliver Chernin, who finished 2nd in this year's CT Open behind GM Sergey Kudrin, will be representing CT. All dates are ICC server time; this is New York Time (EDT). 1. Qualification tournaments November 19, 15:00: Eastern Conference (Zone 1 and 2). November 20, 15:00: Western Conference (Zone 1 and 2). 2. Finals December 3, 15:00: Semi Finals (winners of Zones 1 and 2). December 4, 15:00: Finals. (East vs. West) II. PLAYING SYSTEM 1. Qualification tournaments Both Eastern and Western Conference will be a double-round all-play-all tournaments split into two zones with a time control of 3 1 (three minutes initially plus one second added per move). The games will be unrated on ICC and seedings will be based on USCF ratings. In the event of one conference group not having sufficient numbers, the ICC will have the right to mearge two groups into one large group with both the winner and runner-up meeting in the semifinal. 2. Qualification to the Finals In both Eastern and Western Conference, the top two finishing players from each zone will qualify for their conference semifinals, the winners of which will play in a final which will have one player from the Eastern Conference and one from the Western Conference. 3. Finals Each round of the finals (semi finals, finals) will be played in two rounds, alternating colors, with a time control of 60 minutes initially plus 3 seconds added per move. If a match of two games ends 1-1, there will be two games with a time control of 3 1 between those two players to determine the winner. Should this tiebreak match also end 1-1, there will be an 'armageddon game': White will receive 5 minutes against Black's 4 minutes, no time increments. Black will advance on draw in that game. The responsible ICC tournament director will draw lots in order to determine colors in this armageddon game. In the semi finals, pairings will be: Eastern Conference Zone 1 winner vs. Eastern Conference Zone 2 winner (SF1) Western Conference Zone 1 winner vs. Western Conference Zone 2 winner (SF2) In the finals, the winner of SF1 will meet the winner of SF2 and colors in the first game will be determined by the responsible ICC tournament director drawing lots. Should a tiebreak match be necessary, colors in the first tiebreak game will always be the same as they were in the first regular game of that match. III. PRIZES Prizes for the tournament are as follows: 1st: 250 US-Dollars 2nd: 150 US-Dollars 3rd/4th: 50 US-Dollars each. The winner will be seeded into the OTB 2006 US Championships in San Diego
    November 16, 2005
    GM Kudrin wins 2005 Fall GNHO
    GM Sergey Kudrin dominated a field of 21 in this year's Fall Greater New Haven Open, winning all four games. Ryan Goldenberg (1913) finished second, and Walter Driscoll (1729) took 3rd on tiebreaks. Mike Mauriello (1132) of West Haven High School won the U1600 section, Lucian Gagliola (1126) of Notre Dame High School won the U1200 section, Cameron Bloomer (989) of Hopkins School won the U1000 section, and Robin John (UNR) of Bailey Middle School won the U800 section. In the Scholastic sections, Foote School won the First Place Team trophy, with Peck Place School finishing 2nd and Hopkins 3rd. 130 chess players participated in the event. For wall charts check RESULTS section of this website.
    November 16, 2005
    CSCA Board Meeting Scheduled for Sat., Sept 10
    The CSCA will hold its annual Board Meeting Saturday, Sept 10 from 11am to 3pm at the Case Memorial Library in Orange, CT. All CSCA members are welcome. Bids for the CT State Championships and the CT Scholastic Championships will be considered. If you have an item you would like added to the meeting agenda, please email to no later than August 30. Thank you.
    August 25, 2005
    Ryan Goldenberg places 20th at Denker Tournament of High School Champions
    Ryan Goldenberg from West Haven High School placed 20th on tiebreaks as this year's CT representative to the annual Denker Tournament of High School Champions. Ryan tied with 3.5 points for places 10-20. For more results check Denker Results
    August 25, 2005
    Alexandra Wiener places 34th at National Polgar Tournament for Girls
    Alexandra Wiener of Westport placed 34th on tiebreaks as this year's CT representative to the annual National Polgar Tournament for Girls. 11 year-old Alexandra was the youngest participant in the tournament and tied with 2.0 points for places 33-43. She also took 2nd Place in the chess problem-solving contest! Nice going Alexandra. We look forward to your continued success! For more results check Polgar Results
    August 25, 2005
    GM Sergey Kudrin Wins 2005 CT Open Championship
    Grandmaster Sergey Kudrin is the 2005 CT State Champion, besting a field of 37 competitors in the Open Section at this year's CT State Championships, held at Peck Place School in Orange, CT. GM Ibragimov, Masters Chernin, Watanabe, Bauer, Privman & Figler tied for 2nd - 7th place with 3.5 wins each. The Top U2000 prize went to Ian Harris and Anthony Purpora. The Top U1800 prize went to Cameron Bishop, who also finished 8th overall. In the Amateur Sections, the U1600 Champion is William Turpin from West Haven High School, and the U1200 Champion is David Zhao, also from West Haven High School. In the Novice Sections, the U1000 Champion is David Portnoy of Amity High School, and the U800/Unrated Champion is David Shang from East Lyme Middle School. Check the Results Section of this website for Full Results.
    May 16, 2005
    West Haven High School Wins 2005 New England High School Chess Championships
    This past weekend, the West Haven Renegade Knights traveled to the Hartford/Windsor Marriott Hotel to compete in the New England Scholastic Chess Championships. From a very competitive field drawing the top 56 chess players from the nine top high school chess teams in New England, West Haven took a clear first place with 19.5 points, with convincing victories over Vermont's Fair Haven High School (2nd place with 15.5 points) and Rhode Island's Central Falls High School (15 points). Lowell High School of MA took 4th place and Saugus High School of MA placed 5th with 13 points.
    May 4, 2005
    Free Simultaneous Exhibition at Wallingford Public Library
    Ted McHugh a former CT State chess champion and Chess Master will be playing a "free" simultaneous exhibition at the Wallingford Public Library on April 9th from 10-12. A 50 board simul is planned. All students are welcome. More info email or call 545-5632.
    March 31, 2005
    GM Ildar Ibragimov Wins 2005 Greater New Haven Winter Open
    On Sunday, Feb 13 GM Ildar Ibragimov (2701) won the Open Section of the 2005 Greater New Haven Winter Open in Orange, CT. Kebadu Belachew (1969) took 2nd overall and FM Akira Watanabe (2391)and FM Haoyuan Wang (2334) tied for 3rd. Congratulations to Westwoods School 1st Place Team, Flanders School and Clark Lane MS 2nd Place Teams, and Peck Place School 3rd Place Team.
    For full results Check Edutech
    February 14, 2005
    Yale Chess Team Ties Harvard
    On Saturday, Nov 20, the Yale Chess Team traveled to Cambridge for a match against long-standing rival Harvard. The result was a 2-2 tie. "Although we were going into the game hoping for a win, we still did better than the 35-3 loss in football," said Yale Chess Club president Scott Caplan. "FM Akira Watanabe lost on board 1 as did I on board 4. FM Dave Wang (captain) and Matt Traldi won on boards 2 and 3, leaving the match a tie. With no pre-arranged plans for a tie-breaker, we decided that the tie-breaker would have to wait until next year." As far as Yale's chess season is concerned, it's one of their best showings since '87 (when Yale won the Pan-Am). Nice job, guys. Still the strongest finish Yale has had against Harvard in a long time.
    November 24, 2004
    Akira Watanabe wins the 2004 Fall Greater New Haven Open
    On Sunday, Nov. 7 FM Akira Watanabe, 3-time champion of Japan won the Open Section of the 2004 Greater New Haven Fall Open in Orange, CT. He tied GM Ildar Ibragimov with 3.5 wins, drawing the last game against Ibragimov. The first place trophy was decided on tiebreaks. For full results, check out 2004 Fall GNHO.
    November 24, 2004
    Akira Watanabe wins 25th Townsend Cup
    On Octber 26, top-seed Akira Watanabe (2395) of Yale defeated second-seed Nelson Castaneda (2327) in the third round, and took a draw against third-seed Glenn Budzinski (1988) in the fourth round, to win the 25th Townsend Cup with a 3.5-0.5 score. The first Townsend Cup was retired by Richard Bauer with three outright first places eight years ago. Only Stephen Muccioli, Richard Bauer and Akira Watanabe each have one leg on the second Townsend Cup. Richard Chang of South Windsor won the Reserve Division, and John Posavetz of Madison won the Novice Division.
    November 23, 2004
    Ted McHugh of CT. Wins Semifinals in Tournament of State Champions!
    USCF state champions from Eastern and Western states competed on Saturday, September 18 and Sunday, September 19, 2004. Ronald Burnett of Tennessee, Edward McHugh of Connecticut, Mark Ginsburg of Arizona, and Oleg Zaikov of Oregon advanced to compete in the Semifinals. Ronald Burnett of Tennessee defeated Oleg Zaikov of Oregon 1.5/.5 and Edward McHugh of Connecticut defeated Mark Ginsburg of Arizona 2/0 in the semi-finals on Saturday, September 25, 2004. Ronald Burnett defeated Edward McHugh 1.5/.5 in the finals on Sunday, September 26, 2004. Congratulations to Ted on a great showing for CT!
    For GM Larry Christiansen's play-by-play coverage, check out Ginsburg vs. McHugh .
    November 22, 2004
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