Welcome to our website! The Connecticut State Chess Association (CSCA) is a statewide sanctioning, service, support and membership organization, staffed by a volunteer Board of Directors, working for the benefit Connecticut's chess community to promote chess in CT.

The CSCA is Connecticut's affiliate chapter of the United States Chess Federation (USCF), which is the national sanctioning body for chess tournaments, and a primary general chess resource.

We encourage promising initiatives, worthy programs and exceptional activities with funds acquired from the USCF, member dues, and other sources. Working members can also provide free consultation and referrals.

Membership in the CSCA is open (you don't even have to be a Connecticut resident). The only requirement is a $5 yearly contribution, which (as it is applied to crucial operating expenses) helps sustain state-level resources, events and promotions, and secures national representation for area chessplayers. Members can play in sanctioned tournaments, receive informational mailings, and elect their CSCA representatives at the Annual Membership Meeting.

We hope you agree: that's a good investment. Join us!

July 01, 2015